Sarein tourist town

Sarein tourist town 25 km


Sabalan located on a hillside and the numerous mineral springs , is known . Sarein contains dozens of mineral hot springs that come from the mountains sabalan . Clay mineral springs known as bison , bash Bajylar , integrated water treatment and sabalan ... It is located in the city .
Sarein the Persian dictionary means is a spring . In previous editions of the Surrey area called Qyh , robbers , and Srqyn Srayyn is mentioned.

the case is even weaker families with financial resources are also willing to do it .
Mineral water benefits for skin problems , joint pains and ... They can be a good reason for traveling families who have problems in this area .and if it is good enough to predict the future .
Fortunately, the hot springs medical help is very much in attracting tourists to Sarein . Most spa facilities, complete with indoor pools in the area that has been frequently Showtimes for both men and women are working together .
Spring water contain various minerals and their pH is slightly acidic . Water fountains are often opaque , and like muddy water that are small . Most of the water in the temperature range of 40 ° C was slightly higher at the beginning of the pool looks cool . During the year was the most crowded swimming pools so popular that some may even be per square meter , how many people are swimming .
Sarein like the rest of the region Dlpzbr cool summers and winters are cold and snowy . The cold weather will not inhibit the entry of tourists to the area 's natural hot mineral water is a factor to increase the attractiveness Sarein winter vacation . In addition, there are other factors to increase sabalan Alvars ski tourist attraction of the city.
The most famous product of honey and cream and souvenirs and the surrounding areas sabalan is Sarein . Sabalan nearby slopes and foothills of plant diversity and climate characteristics , potential for honey production and beekeeping are tremendous . Best of slopes covered with honey lavender , basil , oregano and diverse sabalan is produced due to the lots has a reputation for quality .
Sarein buttermilk soup is very popular , it is unlikely that tourism will travel to the region and at least one of the local food and enjoy the entire battle. This area is also very popular and favorite local barbecue tourists. The city with numerous hotels and Mhmanpzyrhay ; has many features for guests to stay and compared with other parts of the country's tourism seems to be a very good tourist facilities in the city has produced . Even though it is very much appreciated Ayrangrdany summer , many of whom use the healing properties of water Sarein Grmha to have visited the facility may need to be reminded .

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