Ardabil Carpet

Ardabil Carpet

According to the company, this product Mvrysaz Vnyst William Robinson bought the company in Tabriz Ziegler had bought it from the company. Ardabil carpet designs and textures of carpet is one of the world's most famous and irreplaceable and priceless. What carpet in 1539 AD (946 AH. AH) in the thirteenth year of the reign of Shah Tahmasp fifty-two year old has been woven. The Persian carpet, silk and knit fabric that is approximately 19 × 17 nodes per square Hraynj, which is equal to the best of Kashan carpets. Tabriz Tabriz carpet of Shah Tahmasp, who was chosen as its capital and the imperial workshops have been woven. Below are the specifications and how to transfer it to the museum's website:

Wool and silk carpets woven from 1540-1539 AD

Width: 535.5 cm and a length of 1044 cm

Victoria and Albert Museum number: 1893-272

Translation woven rugs:

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The slave endpoint: mean Kashani

By the year 946 AH listed in the fourth line, which is equivalent to 1539 to 1540 AD. Wool is an essential ingredient in this product. Like most of the work consists of textile fabric. Pvdha spun fibers have been working away at all. English in 1843, when the two met two of the shrine of Sheikh Safi Ardabil carpet was in place. Carpets damaged by the Iranian company "Ziegler" (Ziegler & Co), which was acquired in buy sell carpets. Carpet in 1892 by a larger company, "Robinson" (Vincent Robinson & Co) was placed on sale. In the month of March 1893 with a payment of £ 2000 Museum "Victoria and Albert" was the owner of this product. Smaller carpet was kept a secret by the collector to America in 1953 by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LosAngeles County Museum of Art) Museum was hung from the wall so long bought Wiki Shdqaly that in 2006, within a container was placed in the center of the gallery on the ground floor. To protect its color only ten minutes or half an hour a day compartment lights will be lit.

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